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BDO KR Patch Notes Apr 19th: PvP balance and CC changes, Dating an NPC, Mount transfer system
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Razor Wind have changed. Fixed the issue where, upon use of the skill Whiplash, combo attack with the Heilang could not be launched.

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Fixed an issue where the Maehwa could not attack after switching to non-awakening while moving if she has Absolute: Fixed an issue where the main weapon was not visible after using the following skills with quick slots. Fixed an issue where the item description of Krea Ornamental Knot did not include any information about Enhancement effects Evasion increase.

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A new system where you can date an NPC has been added. You will also acquire a special Title. You will get some Amity points by sending gifts.

Other Nordland Cities:

Razor Wind, and Absolute: With proper control, a Ninja can flip the battle by discreetly raiding important figures. After Awakening, they can use the Crescent Blade to swiftly slice through their enemies. You cannot send your mounts to a town you have not discovered yet. Vell is a fearsome, gigantic sea monster that lurks beneath the waters of the Great Margoria Ocean.

You cannot confess your love to other NPCs if you are dating someone, but other players can confess their love to the NPC you are dating. A new system where you can transfer your checked-in mounts to other towns has been added. You cannot send your mounts to a town you have not discovered yet. Fixed an issue where you were trapped inside the Epheria Frigate if you change channels while on the Epheria Frigate.

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Fixed the graphical glitch that occurred when the character is around the cargo area of the Epheria Frigate. Forest Path Wagon has been buffed. Fixed an issue where the max HP debuff due to consecutive victory in the Team Battle was not refreshed. However, players who are on a winning streak will get the max HP debuff. Fixed an issue where placing Elephant Fountain in a two storage house made the first floor flood with water. World Boss Mirumok Destroyer Offin will be easier to kill.

If they have already powered up, they will return to their original states. Aakman Temple and Mirumok Ruins have been reworked.

Mirumok Ruins is designed for party grinding, so will be more rewarding when grinding with others. A new chain quest available in Drieghan has been added. New daily quests only available once a day for each family have been added in Drieghan. Ancient Spirit Powder will be given out as an additional reward for the repeatable combat quests in Valencia, Kamasylvia, and Drieghan. The navigation for the following quests has been fixed: The awkward part in the description for the following quest has been changed. Fixed the issue where a character would pass through some of the rocky geography in Gavinya Volcano Zone.

Fixed the issue where the quest list was shown improperly when clicking on the quest tab while using the Guide with Black Spirit summoned.

Removed the shortcut mark in the warning message that appears when enhancing equipment with Caphras Energy applied to them. Crafting Note Icons for the following items have been added. The icons for the Renown Score Tag have been added.

Fixed the issue where the heal button would appear while the Guild Mount is summoned. The message that said Abnormal Animation Combos in certain situations has been changed so that it says try again later, and it has been fixed so that the message shows only once in such situations for gameplay optimization.

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